2010 Stella Awards Winners

March 11, 2011

The annual Stella Awards celebrate the outstanding contributions of employees of the Ontario Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Revenue. Individuals, teams and partnerships are eligible to be recognized for their exceptional achievements in one or more of the following categories: Leadership, Valuing People, Innovation, Partnership, Quality Service, Diversity and Inclusion, and Greening.

In 2010, 17 Stella recipients were selected from 90 nominees. Members of the team who implemented GenTax® on the MOST Project and continue to support it via the ONT-TAXS Project Office were among those honored.

Sue Tilley, Director of the MOST Project and the ONT-TAXS Project Office, was honored with the Leadership award for her strong leadership throughout the MOST Project and current leadership as she continues to guide the ONT-TAXS Project.

The Small Business Transition Support Team was honored with the Partnership award, which recognized the team’s collaboration with the Canada Revenue Agency and several other Provincial agencies. The team successfully delivered one-time support payments to Ontario small businesses during their transition to the Federal Harmonized Sales Tax.