we are FAST

Implementation Specialists.

Software Pioneers.

Adventure Seekers.


The Mississippi Automated Revenue System (MARS) project has transformed the way the Department of Revenue carries out its work every day.

- Jennifer Wentworth, MS DOR Associate Commissioner

FAST solutions


who are FASTies?

FAST-ie \ ‘fæste \ noun

1. an energetic, intelligent, enthusiastic human being who works at Fast Enterprises.

2. a talented and focused individual who likes to work hard and play hard.

3. someone who is open to adventure and wants to experience new places around the U.S. and the world.

4. someone who solves problems daily using our state-of-the-art technology.


I'm a FASTie too!

Our spouses, significant others, children, and pets are FASTies, too! Their inspiration and support are essential to our success. We are a software company, but more importantly, we are the FAST family!


the clients

We work with governments to implement systems used to administer a wide variety of programs. We offer commercial-off-the-shelf software that helps agencies reduce costs, improve service, maximize revenues, and improve the efficiency of internal operations.

the direction

FAST has over 1000 employees. We continue to grow at a steady rate and our product is continuously evolving to be the best in the industry... always on time and on budget.

the culture

Our FAST family keeps growing, but we still maintain a fun, close-knit culture inside and outside of the office.

the travel

When you join the FAST family, you will be immersed in the local culture of one of our project sites throughout the U.S., Canada, or at one of our worldwide locations.

world explorers

Work where you live, live where you work! Relocation is something that sets FAST apart. We work side-by-side with our clients, learning from each other daily. Relocation provides the opportunity to explore new communities and cultures.

“I love the aspect of being able to travel while doing what I love.”

– Dominique