FastDS-VS is an integrated software solution to administer driver and vehicle services to motor vehicle agencies. It is commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software that accommodates most differences in jurisdiction laws and practices through configuration, not the creation or modification of program code.



Notable Features

  • Provides an integrated view of the customer for both driver and vehicle services
  • Flexibly configured to meet the unique business and technical requirements of motor vehicle agencies, with minimal need for custom programming
  • Built using Microsoft tools and technology to run on industry-standard server platforms and modern web browser clients
  • Highly scalable to accommodate agencies’ long-term performance and growth requirements
  • Consistently implemented on time and on budget for every client agency since its release in 2011



Live/In Production

  • Arkansas Department of Revenue (Driver and Vehicle Services)
  • Colorado Department of Revenue (Driver and Vehicle Services)
  • Georgia Department of Revenue and Georgia Department of Driver Services (Driver and Vehicle Services)
  • Massachusetts Department of Transportation (Driver and Vehicle Services)
  • Michigan Department of State (Driver and Vehicle Services)
  • Minnesota Department of Safety (Driver and Vehicle Services)
  • Mississippi Department of Revenue (Vehicle Services)
  • Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (Vehicle Services)
  • New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department (Driver and Vehicle Services)
  • North Dakota Department of Transportation (Vehicle Services)
  • Oklahoma Tax Commission (Vehicle Services)
  • Oregon Department of Transportation (Driver and Vehicle Services)
  • Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security (Driver Services)
  • Utah State Tax Commission (Vehicle Services)
  • Washington State Department of Licensing (Driver and Vehicle Services)

Why FastDS-VS?

The FastDS-VS solution is configured from these modules to meet the specific business and technical objectives of motor vehicle agencies. Customized extensions to the core solution can also be implemented to meet unique program needs.

Functional Architecture


The Customer module is comprised of subsystems that maintain customer demographics and registration details, as well as communications, online customer self-service features, and the administration of professional and business licensing. Integrated correspondence management handles outgoing communications. The underlying data structure links vehicles and customers for a fully integrated view across the entire FastDS-VS solution.

Driver Services

Subsystems in the Driver Services module provide functions for the issuance and maintenance of driver licenses and other identification credentials. The module also supports fraud detection and investigation, hearings scheduling and management, financial responsibility, and the administration and reporting of driver restrictions, convictions, and other information related to driver improvement and control.

Vehicle Services

Vehicle titling and registration is managed by subsystems in the Vehicle Services module. The subsystems provide tools and functions used for title applications and examinations, vehicle and fleet registrations and renewals, maintenance of impound records and reports, dealer licensing and regulation, and inventory management of plates, decals, and temporary and single-use permits.


The subsystems of the Financials module provide robust integrated financial functions. FastDS-VS supports full revenue accounting for all financial transactions, including distribution of revenue. In addition, it provides integrated cashiering capabilities for multiple payment methods, tracking and billing of customer liabilities, compliance and audit functions, and automated refund and collection activities.


The Workflow module maintains work assignments and cases that involve multi-stage business activities. The Work Management subsystem allows managers to define task priority and assign work individually or in bulk. Case Management maintains multi-stage cases—such as title examinations, fraud investigations, and hearings—and triggers work items when stages or actions require user intervention.


The Information module contains subsystems that provide real-time reporting and data exchange, storage, comparison, and analysis. Much of the information contained in traditional reports is available instantaneously through online lists, searches, and dashboards that can be viewed, exported, and printed. Reports, ad hoc queries, and data metrics can be saved, modified, and shared, and users can display data in dynamic chart formats, including pie, line, bar, and stacked-bar charts. Data warehouse functionality provides for the storage and integrated use of external data from third parties.

Management Studio

The subsystems in the Management Studio module are used to implement, modify, secure, operate, and maintain FastDS-VS. Agency staff have access to multiple tools and functions that are native to the application, including the integrated business rules engine, online help, project scheduling, batch processing, security administration, performance monitoring, and interface management.

Optional Subsystems

International Registration Plan (IRP)

IRP offers comprehensive capabilities for streamlined credentialing of interstate commercial motor carriers. It processes, tracks, and reports carrier information and fee and payment details for compliant IRP administration, funds netting, and violator sanctioning. FastDS-VS automates the exchange of vehicle and fee information across multiple entities and the IRP Clearinghouse. The system automates apportioning of credits and fees as well as the creation of the IRP Clearinghouse Recap file, and includes full support for the peer-review process.

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

IFTA provides licensing, reporting, filing, auditing, and transmittal functions for IFTA administration. Additional functions include interfacing with the IFTA Clearinghouse and with state, federal, and third-party systems.

  • Note: IFTA Fuel Tax Rates can now be obtained by going to the IFTA website. Navigate to the Tax Rates page, select the desired quarter, and download the file as an XML file. You can then use the IFTA rate loader tool in the system to generate the scripts by loading the XML file that was downloaded from the IFTA website.


Imaging manages digital document images that are captured individually online by users or in batch by agencies’ third-party scanning subsystems. Images are indexed to associate them with the correct customer records. FastDS-VS supports images in industry-standard formats.