GenTax is a complete, integrated tax processing software package designed to support an agency implementing multiple taxes. It adapts to diverse revenue agency requirements through configuration, not customization.



Notable Features

  • Built specifically to support the business of revenue agencies
  • Processing multiple taxes at multiple agencies
  • Built using Microsoft tools and technology to run on industry-standard server platforms and modern web browser clients
  • Architected for performance and scalability
  • Supporting multiple database management systems
  • Consistently implemented on time and within budget



Why GenTax?

GenTax is designed to support configuration of almost all aspects of the system, including returns, letters, penalty, interest, transactions, customer types, workflow, screen layouts, window flow, and much more. There are very few aspects of GenTax that cannot be adapted to fit the way an agency runs its business.

Optional Subsystems


e-Services provides secure taxpayer self-service functions via the internet. Taxpayers can view account statuses, inspect filing and payment histories, and file and pay online.


Discovery is used to manage data imported from external sources for the purpose of “discovering” opportunities for revenue recovery from non-registrants, non-filers, and under-reporters.

Unclaimed Property (UCP) System

UCP helps US state agencies meet their obligations under interstate agreements regarding unclaimed property administration.

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

GenTax specialized functions also support IFTA administration. As a service to our customers, we offer access to the latest IFTA rates.