When Software and Taxes Hookup

June 15, 2015

Unless you are an accountant, taxes are probably not very sexy to you; and unless you are in IT, software implementation can be a real snooze. However, today’s post focuses on a time when these two topics converged to create a seriously impactful data story.

Since launching its new integrated revenue system called RevKC, in June 2013, the City of Kansas City, Missouri has experienced a significant increase in the collection of earnings taxes from delinquent taxpayers; more than $4,636,758 since the fall of 2014. In perspective, for the same time period (six quarters of data) in the previous fiscal years, the city only collected $189,398. That’s an increase of $4.4 million!

This is all because the new system RevKC does something that could not previously be easily done by the City’s Revenue staff –automatically match City taxpayer records to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) database.

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